Our Founder

Lena Quénard has spent 30 years working in various medical and holistic practices, including ten years in a palliative care unit.
She has graduated in reflexology and massage therapy cumulating 25 years of experience.
Since locating and rescuing the elephant Moey in Thailand in 2012 Lena has dedicated herself wholly to elephant conservation and expanding her knowledge of the subject. She has visited and gained first-hand experience from a variety of different conservation centers in Thailand, India, Laos and Nepal. She has worked in various elephant parks and sanctuaries and has volunteered several times for Elephant Aid International, helping build “chain free corrals” in Thailand – at Boon Lot’s Elephant Sanctuary and at FAE, Friends of the Asian Elephants Hospital – in Nepal for the government elephants and at Tiger Tops Elephant Camp.
In January 2016 Lena started training in elephant foot care in Nepal with Carol Buckley, specialist in elephant trauma recovery and one of the leading authorities in the world for the rescue, rehabilitation and welfare of captive elephants.
Lena has founded Moey Association, a Swiss non-profit organization established in December 2013 with the mission to help captive-held Asian elephants.