Our Actions – What we have achieved

Moey Association believes in working together with like minded organizations who share the same respect
for elephants, nature and all sentient beings.

2015-2016: Nepal, Thailand
Volunteering with Elephant Aid International, building “chain free corrals” / elephant enclosures at:

At Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary / BLES, Thailand.

Tiger Tops Elephant Camp, Chitwan, Nepal.
The Government Breeding Center, Chitwan, Nepal.

Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary / BLES, Thailand.
Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital / FAE, Thailand.


2013: Thailand
Donation of 14’000 dollars to Save Elephant Foundation for the purchase of land for elephants

We launched a fundraising campaign and raised $ 14,000 to rescue a young male elephant. When his rescue was not possible, we choose to donate this amount to Save Elephant Foundation for the purchase of land for elephants.
This was a difficult decision, but we thought that securing land that could be used for many generations of elephants to come was a decision that made sense.
Currently, this land is being used to grow elephant grass and a few of the more anti-social, troubled elephants enjoy this peaceful, private spot.

December 2013: Switzerland
Creation of Moey Association in her memory.

2012: Thailand
Moey Rescue

May – First meeting with Moey in an elephant camp, thin and in poor health.
June-July – Back in Switzerland, fundraising $ 11,000.
In late July – Moey is rescued and transported to Elephant’s World in the hope of a better life.
Our founder Lena Quénard spent several weeks at her side.
Late October – Sadly, Moey passed away from necrosis of the intestine.
Moey story