Our Actions – Educate the public about Elephants

The best way to see and learn about elephants is to watch them in their natural habitat.
This is the best contribution to the conservation of elephants.

2017 / Raise awareness: a documentary about elephants
A few weeks after Moey passed away, I was contacted by filmmaker Léa Sellam. She has been moved by Moey story and she spontaneously committed to make a film to raise awareness by showing the actions of different protagonists united by a single desire – to help elephants. Since then, the film has been developing, nourished by my encounters and my experience in the field. Currently we are working together, gathering material and building our storyline.

2015 / Nepal. Participation in the film “Unchained” by Spanish director Alex C. Rivera. This documentary is about Carol Buckley’s work and her organisation Elephant Aid International.
Moey Association has graciously provided personal resources including videos and photos from different elephant camps and elephant training in Asia, videos of private owned elephants in Nepal and footage of elephants being released in their “chain free corrals” in Chitwan, Nepal.
Watch the official trailer